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Bundle #1: Indigenous Arts Theme

Giveaway (raffle style) tickets are being sold to support the Chief Buffalo Celebration and mural costs. The funds raised will be split 50/50 between event organizers and artists, who have largely been volunteering for the last three years on this project. 

Scroll down to see a list of the items featured in this prize bundle.


Giveaway winners will be announced at the Chief Buffalo Celebration event in Duluth, MN on September 14 at the end of the event. In-person tickets will be available.


You do NOT need to attend the event to win your prize, however, if you are not able to pick up or have your prize bundle delivered, we may ask an additional shipping fee.


1 TICKET - $5.00

5 TICKETS - $20.00

(ticket increments of 5 are $20 each - i.e. 10 tickets for $40, 15 tickets for $60, etc.)

PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH BASKET YOU ARE ENTERING TO WIN (#1, #2, #3, or #4)! We will randomly select a basket with the least entries to add your name to if this info isn't specified. 

Purchase via: 

Venmo: @Moira-Villiard

CashApp: $ArtMoira

Or in person. Winners announced end of event Wednesday, Sept 14!

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