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Viewers might note that some artwork, especially earlier pieces, have "Journal Entries" featured in their description. As an artist who started sharing my artwork at an early age, I spoke with all the lingo of a Zillenial who was internet savvy, so the descriptions may come off rather informal (especially with my frequent use of smilies and "lol"). I don't expect anyone to read the journal entries, but they're there if it interests you.


I also acquired a physical disability during my portrait-painting years (2014) and my journaling often was tied to navigating chronic pain and having to use my non-dominant hand to paint or draw. I often switch between mediums in response to the fatigue that can occur if I work in one way for too long.


Today I do less journaling and still face issues with my ability to physically create new work at the pace I'd started off on, but that is why I moved into community-painted processes. As of 2020 I am engaged more heavily in digital design projects, public art, and trying to sink my teeth slowly pack into my most personal bodies of work in a surrealist style.

I hope you enjoy!

* High resolution scans provided by CPL Imaging.

2016 University of Wisconsin - Madison

Jazz Caricature Illustrations

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